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Sybella works with people from all walks of life, all over the world, in person, by telephone and via Skype.


Discover how Sybella has assisted others. If you have worked with Sybella and would like to leave a testimonial, please do so using the contact form on the bookings page.

to leave a testimonial or read what others have to say, see Free Index.

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spiritual life coach taunton sybella loram

Jovita, N. Ireland

"Sybella has been life coaching me since 2011. Whether over the phone or Skype it has never mattered as the relationship between us has never faltered through the distance from Northern Ireland to Somerset. Sybella goes beyond the call of duty, always finding a new angle in her support and I have never faltered with the advice and support she has provided. You wont regret calling her and she will not let you down."

Sybella Loram Spiritual Life Coach

Natalie, Somerset

"I found Sybella on the internet and I'm so glad I did! She is so much more than a coach. I found her to be wise and intelligent, who actively listens free of judgement and can home in on your baggage before you see it yourself. Sybella is generous with her time and she has great knowledge of different philosophies and her spiritual knowledge is beyond this world. Sybella is an old soul, well travelled and a great mentor"

spiritual life coach taunton sybella loram

Katie, Somerset

"I first found Sybella through a recommendation from a friend. Sybella has remarkable insight on so many levels. Her ability to empathise and connect both spiritually and practically is uplifting. My outlook on life and its problems is different now. I also no longer have such a negative manner and as such life resonates on a higher level now all round. Everyone should have a Sybella in their life!"

spiritual life coach taunton sybella loram

Miriam, Oxford

"I have worked with Sybella as a student client and colleague. As such I have come to appreciate her deep knowledge and integrity. Sybella has this unique gift of being able to communicate with you effectively and productively. Working with Sybella can be challenging but only because she operates from a place of authenticity. Whether teaching workshops or life coaching Sybella has a passion for what she does and I got results through her."

spiritual life coach taunton sybella loram

Ben, Bristol

"Evanescence Spiritual Life Coaching is a brilliant coaching outfit and Sybella has compassion, understanding and patience with students and clients alike and gives them the advantage they need to become successful in their personal walks of life. She is empowering and offers support for her clients by displaying her mastery of the coaching profession. My personal experience with Sybella gave me the confidence I needed to become a successful business man. Through her mentoring and positive support of making me see I could  break away from a job that suffocated me and did not utilise my creative skills, I strengthened my own confidence and kept those negative thoughts away. I now have the tools and ability to believe that I can accomplish whatever dream I choose for myself."

Sybella Loram Spiritual Life Coach

Simone, Israel

"I contacted 'Evanescence Spiritual Life Coaching' aka 'Sybella' as a few of my colleagues have been talking about Sybella'for quite some time.  I've heard nothing but great things about the sessions she offers and her gift. During my session I didn't know what to expect as I had a lot going on during that time. I only really came to Sybella' regarding one particular subject, however I ended up talking about many things from childhood to my current marriage.  My chest felt lighter as Sybella walked me through all my emotions and feelings. She was so encouraging and motivating at the same time. Although I live in Israel and the communication was through Skype, Sybella was able to reach me on an extremely deep level. Sybella is such a gentle soul, but has a powerful gift and presence. I highly recommend seeing her if you just need someone to talk to and help sort out your energy or to get a different perspective on issues.

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