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Blood Is Not Always Thicker than water.

Especially when watered down with alcohol.

Do families automatically respect each other? I mean as children we do not understand the concept of respect and if you have never received respect then you would not necessarily know you were missing it. As a teenager, pinching your sister's clothes, makeup and hair products is a rite of passage. Riffling through your brother's personal belongings maybe not be considered holy appropriate, but it is considered normal. Giving and receiving the odd dead arm, or hair pull is half the battle of gaining self-control and learning what is acceptable and what is not. Boundaries, right from wrong, don't pull the head off your sisters' doll, Jonny. All normal.

Siblings will bully each other, some more than others granted, but with good parenting, guidance and role models the majority of us learn, it is part of growing up.

But what if you have an abusive family, alcohol, drugs, mental health or character flaws? What if your family are malignant narcissists, sociopaths, or just brutal? What happens if your family is affecting your well-being, your mental health. You are becoming trauma bonded, co-dependant, starting to show signs of C-PTSD. Maybe you are self-harming, wetting the bed, being bullied at school or falling behind in class.

You do not fit in, you are being ostracized, struggling to make friends and to keep them. You know you are different from the other kids, you desperately want to fit in, but do not know what you are doing wrong.

These are just some signs of abuse, this is just some of what can be the fallout from family abuse. If someone's behaviour starts to intrude on your state of mind and how you feel about yourself, your world, your surroundings, morals, values, ethics then you do not invite them over for a Christmas lunch, wedding, dinner party, night out. So why do we tolerate it with our families? Because blood is thicker than water, or every Mother loves her child, or my personal favourite is, all families have their problems, ours is no different.

This is wrong in so many ways, and just not true. Dysfunctional families are everywhere, and there is absolutely no need to suffer alone and tolerate this kind of disrespect, abuse and behaviour. There are hundreds of child lines today and other support charities for those that are too young to have much of a say or any type of control over their lives.

But what about those of us that are now adults, now suffering from the aftermath of the abuse we endured through our childhood.

Do you think you may suffer from Borderline Personality Disorder, C-PTS, narcissistic traits, trauma bonding, or worse still you attract narcissistic partners time and time again and do not know why. You use alcohol, drugs or smoke as a way to cope. You suffer from depression or chronic anxiety, insomnia or panic attacks. Maybe you struggle to make friends or attract abusive relationships time again.

If any of this resonates with you, on any level, and you feel support through life coaching can help you. Then please contact Sybella Loram for a relaxed introductory session.

Sessions will bring clarity, understanding and tools will be provided in coping strategies. Spiritual Life Coaching goes much deeper than most types of coaching, it is about becoming mindful, aware, working with the laws of the universe.


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