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Psychic Sybella in Taunton

Psychic Sybella

Psychic Sybella has been established since 2004. Although she was born with this gift, during this time she has gained an excellent and reliable reputation as a fantastic international psychic medium with excellent clairvoyant skills.

Sybella helps you to communicate with your guides and/or deceased family and will tell you details only you could know. She prides herself as being an honest, down to earth reader who establishes a good relationship with the seeker and the seeker's guides. As an international psychic medium, Sybella helps people around the world via Skype, phone, WhatsApp, Messenger and one to one. To date, Sybella has read for people in Israel, USA, Hong Kong, Ireland, India to name but a few. It does not matter where you are, spirit can contact Sybella anywhere at anytime.

Absolute confidentiality is guaranteed, as well as working with The Spiritual Association's Code of Conduct (available on request).



Sybella's attention to detail makes every reading unique and no two readings are ever the same. As such, the aim is to exceed the expectation of every seeker and their personal experience.

She reads for celebrities, actors, families and the everyday person who just needs a helping hand through a crossroads or in search of new perspectives to help make it through life's daily struggle.

As well as private readings, Sybella reads at weddings, hen nights, pub parties and private parties along with ghost busting/house clearances (helping spirit move on). She also connects to loved ones to help the mourning process which helps those left behind know their loved ones are still around and are happy in the next world.

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How Can It Help Me?

Psychic Sybella's experience means she offers a grounded approach with after support and assistance should you need it.

Psychic Sybella's unique gifts, knowledge and practical skills, have provide many people with remarkable insights, comfort, hope and inspired a belief that life goes on after the physical body has perished. 

Bookings & Prices

You can book a reading with Psychic Sybella either by email or by calling and requesting an appointment over the telephone.

~ Psychic readings are available in Taunton from Monday to Saturday.

~ If you would like an appointment in the late afternoon or evening there can be some delay in booking as these are popular appointment times. 

~ You may get what you need from only one reading, perhaps returning at a later date to ask new questions. Alternatively, you may opt for longer term coaching for ongoing support, psychic training & personal development.

~ Psychic Sybella requires at least 48 hours notice if you are unable to attend a booked appointment otherwise you will be charged the session fee. 

~ Payments can be made in cash, PayPal or direct bank transfer.

~ Invoices will be sent via PayPal.

To make a booking or for more information, visit the contact page HERE.

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Online consultations are a convenient way of reading for those on the go or from outside the UK. People often ask if it affects my readings? It does not; spirit are on a different vibration from us and as such can contact us anywhere at anytime awake or asleep in my country or yours. Just click on the enquiry and I will contact you to arrange the time and date that suit you according to your location.

£60 per 45 minutes

£40 per 30 minutes

Call 07925 299995 to book now


With a one to one reading you meet me in person. There is also the option of being able to bring a family member or friend along or double up readings or for company.

£60 per 45 minutes

£40 per 30 minutes

Call 07925 299995 to book now


Taster parties have been a sell out for years and are popular for a taster of what I can do. This then allows the seeker the option of booking a longer session in the future should they wish. For parties of seven, 6 guests get a 30 minute reading at a charge of £30 per person. The 7th being the host/hostess who goes free.

£35 per person

Call 07925 299995 to book now


Psychic Sybella is available to hire for platform mediumship demonstrations at your Spiritualist church, psychic fair, charity events or private venues. Please note that these are mediumship demonstrations for large audiences without tarot. Mileage is charged separately.

prices arranged for venue

Call 07925 299995 to book now

What others are saying...

Amazing reading!!


I had a reading with Sybella a couple of weeks ago at her office and my daughter had one the week before at the Taunton well-being fair and we were both blown away with her accuracy! Sybella confirmed many situations from my past and my present.

Louise S ~ 16th October 2019

Uplifting , Amazing experience


My 3 siblings ,friend and I have recently had a truly uplifting, in-spiring and extremely accurate reading with Sybella. Sybella came to the comfort of my home for our readings and she was incredibly warming and informative. 

Wendy R ~ 11th October 2019

Amazing readings at my sisters 60th birthday celebration


I booked Sybella for my sister's 60th birthday weekend celebration. Sybella arrived early and carried out seven 30min readings. Everyone was blown away with the readings they received. Sybella was accurate in every reading. Thank you!

Issy S ~ 29th July 2019

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