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Spiritual Life Coaching

Every great life should have a strong foundation, and in almost all cases this foundation can take a long time to establish. But like owning a home, you need to constantly maintain this foundation, improve on it and keep it up to date. Whatever you establish in life is only as strong as the foundation underneath. 

Sybella will help you build a foundation for your personal life in the world. Through developing your awareness, mindfulness, guiding you through your spiritual path, supporting you with your spiritual awakening, and enlightenment. Leading you through your 'Steps to Knowledge' as you embrace who you are, your soul purpose, and any karma.

Spiritual life coaching sessions are more than a psychic reading, they will connect you to your creator, giving your life a destination, a goal, getting and keeping you on track.

A session will open up doorways to you, giving you the opportunity to learn about the universe, yourself and how to develop patience, objectivity, insight, strength, tolerance and an abiding sense of self-worth.

Many have felt the pull for a long time, a sense that there is more to their life. Spiritual Life Coaching will respond to this calling, giving you an impenetrable foundation for life.

The decisions you make today result in your life tomorrow. They determine what kind of options will be available to you tomorrow then further down the line too.  How many times have you been grateful for not going on that night out, or glad you didn't take that job after all! The company went bust.

Building a foundation represents the fundamental work of spiritual development.  Your thoughts, your attitude, and been aware of the consequences of your thoughts and intentions it's key to your spiritual and life development. 

When living in the world, there are 'Four Pillars 'of life. These are all part of your  building foundation.  They are the pillars of relationships, health, work and spiritual development. 'Four Pillars' of life as the four legs of a great table. If those legs are not all strong and well attached, the table will be unstable, and you will not be able to place anything of value upon it.

The 'Four Pillars' are all essential. You must work in every area, your goals must be realistic and consistent with your life and with the reality of the world at this time. If you work in all areas, all areas will work. If you neglect one of the 'Four Pillars' it will undermine your success in the other areas where you have focused yourself.


What is really needed here is a balanced approach. Through Sybellas Life Coaching session, you want to establish a foundation that can sustain and support your life and provide an opportunity for Knowledge to emerge within you. You will learn the power of forgiveness, compassion, mindfulness, self-awareness and the importance of kindness to others, and to yourself. Self compassion is very underrated. Real forgiveness is a process of transforming something old into something new, something that was useless into something that is useful, something that is meaningless into something that is meaningful. Here your mistakes, instead of being a source of pain and inner discomfort for you, become a means of reaching other people, for everyone has made mistakes, and many people have made the same ones that you have. This becomes a way to reach people. “I made this mistake. This is what I learned. And this is what I am doing with it now.” 

To finally make peace with your past, you must be building a new life. To finally be able to understand your past and to use it positively and constructively, you must be building a new foundation. To find freedom from the fears and anxieties that haunt you, you must have a new engagement in life.

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What Can it Help With?

Spiritual Life Coaching helps you change your mindset from being a victim to taking responsibility for your life. It helps you focus on the positive and steers you away from the negative thought patterns and your repetitive mistakes in your life. Career, marriages, relationships, even your choice in where you live. 


Here are some examples of what spiritual coaching can help with:

  • Narcissistic abuse/childhood trauma/ trauma bonding

  • Paranoia, panic attacks, past life trauma, 

  • Life purpose, wishing to build a relationship with God

  • Guidance in wanting to change, but not sure how

  • Enlightenment, mindfulness, spiritual awakening.

  • Developing your medium psychic skills

  • Law of attraction, the importance of positive thinking and gratitude

  • For those who live locally, Sybella holds a free spiritual development group every Tuesday at 7.00 pm at the Norton Fitzwarren Village Hall. All welcome.  - JUST TURN UP!


Appointments are available in person, by telephone, Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook, Zoom.

Sybella Loram Spiritual Life Coach

Bookings & Prices

You can book a life coaching session with Sybella either by email or by calling and requesting an appointment over the telephone.

~ Spiritual life coaching appointments are available in Taunton from Monday to Saturday.

~ You may achieve your goals after a couple of sessions, perhaps returning at a later date to pursue new goals. Alternatively, you may opt for longer term coaching for ongoing support, training & personal development.

~ Coaching works best if sessions are on a regular basis, weekly, fortnightly or monthly, but flexibility is offered to arrange sessions according to your need.

~ Charges are £70 for first session, then £45 for an hour thereafter. These can be delivered in person, by telephone, Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime or Zoom FaceTime.

~ Time purchased is available for 6 months from purchase date.

~ Payments can be made in cash, PayPal or direct bank transfer.

~ Invoices will be sent via PayPal.

Sybella is not a registered/licensed counsellor - She works with spirit coaching you & your life purpose, your soul & mental health difficulties, often resulting in the client being gifted themselves. If you sense an awakening, or are receiving spirits, weird dreams, voices, smells or the need to be someone new. Book Sybella!

To make a booking or for more information, visit the contact page HERE.

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