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Sybella Loram

About Sybella Loram

I am an experienced Psychic Medium and Spiritual Life Coach. I offer a warm and open approach to people. I specialise in working with individuals face to face, by telephone and Skype.

I work with all types and all ages/cultures and use my connection with spirit and intuitive/psychic abilities to gain additional insight and guidance.

Apart from private practice, I have worked as a psychiatric nurse assistant and front line worker for seven years at social services for Team 8 supporting adolescence in care and at home.

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Sybella's Story so far

I was born with my psychic gifts which include empathy, mediumship and the ability to cross earth bound spirits over. Now at the age of 50, I am a recognised international psychic medium and public figure. Through the internet, it has never been easier to be a go-between for the spirit world and ours, thus uniting the two worlds.

My life was unfolding as life often does, following my intended career as a front line child protection worker. I graduated with a foundation degree in health and social care and for over fifteen years I climbed the ladder as a social care worker, in the private sector and then years later the NHS and social services.

Losing my father at the tender age of 24 had a huge affect on my spiritual life. Soon after my father's death, my psychic life took on a life of its own and however much I tried to stay in my chosen profession so much change was happening to me so 

fast. The ability to be in a public place and know what complete strangers where thinking or planning without me even speaking to them. I could no longer turn my back on what is now a remarkable gift which is forever advancing, and this incarnation of choosing to be a lightworker,  passing on messages from loved ones from home (heaven) to those grieving or lost here on earth.

Later, I was guided to undertake a healing journey and ended up living in Israel for over a year, where I walked alone on a kind of pilgrimage which helped me heal and find my way forward. Along the journey, I processed all my “old beliefs and hurt” – the pieces of my life that I had not yet fully addressed, and that needed to be forgiven. Step by difficult step, I began to walk myself back to the most profound level of wholeness I’ve ever experienced. This included forgiving myself.

I now run my business Psychic Sybella, as a psychic medium and spiritual life coach. I now travel across the UK offering spiritual demonstrations in spiritual churches and psychic fayres. I also teach the way of spirit and enlighten those that wish to take a similar journey.