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About Sybella Loram

Sybella is the author of a new ebook - based on messages, predictions, & guidance from the spirit world, Sybella has been studying & researching climate change. As a student of 'Steps to Knowledge'. Sybella is been influenced to teach Gods 'New Message', & spread Gods 'The New Revolution' on the 'Great Waves of Change'. Please signup for Sybella's newsletter to receive a free copy of the ebook, to be kept up to date on Sybellas's new predictions about our planet & humanity.

Above the Clouds

Sybella's Story so far

Sybella Loram Spiritual Life Coach

Sybella is now embarking on a quest to educate others through inspirational speaking. She is available for spiritual churches, climate change public speaking, fund-raisers, psychic fairs, colleges, or private sittings. As a transformational speaker, & spiritual life coach, her aim is to lead those that wish to learn about our planet is undergoing. The changes that are already taking place on our planet through climate change is just the beginning.  Our little planet is about to embark on a transitional change of epic proportions of like it has never seen before. Great waves of change are coming and most of us are not prepared. Most of you are caught up in the matrix, blissfully unaware of the reality of a Geater Community ( E. T. Life on our doorstep)


Sybella is a climate change enthusiast, and you can read her assignments and research papers on WordPress.  Sybella is a follower of - She is also in the process of having her first book published on the topic Alien intervention. Sybella has had the privilege of receiving messages through the spirit realms of the coming changes to Earth. She with many others, has the responsibility of sharing this essential information with the world.

Please do not forget to sign up for Sybella's free newsletter to receive a free copy of the book, and monthly information on spiritual messages for our world.



As well as being a prolific blogger & author on sites such as & WordPress . Sybella is regularly interviewed on podcasts and broadcasts. If you would like to interview Sybella or feature her on your broadcast, podcast or magazine, please use the contact form by clicking HERE.

Keep up to date with Sybella on her social media platforms or watch a selection of interviews, YouTube and Facebook videos below.

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