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Sybella Loram

International Psychic Medium

Psychic Medium & Spiritual Life Coach

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Meet Sybella Loram!

Gentle Spiritual Counselling with a Psychic Medium

Hi, I’m Sybella  ( formerly Psychic Sybella) and I’m delighted to welcome you to my new site. I am an experienced natural born Psychic Medium later trained and experienced in trauma bonding, and teachings around narcissistic abuse, specializing in narcissistic abuse and attachment disorders. My ethos is one of knowledge, kindness, sensitivity, compassion, and empathy. My aim is to provide you with a nurturing hour of gentle spiritual guidance, gaining insight into your personal and individual journey and from where any sadness, trauma or self-doubt comes from. Listening to your guides, family, and loved ones on the other side helps me work on your mental well-being, calming your mind, releasing the tension, and bringing you back into balance. 

I work inspirationally, signposting you to the correct causes of your current state of mental health. My approach is unique, whilst offering a psychic reading, receiving messages from relatives connecting to spirits plus using Tarot,

 but, in a life, coaching style.

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What people are saying

"I have been having Tarot card readings with Bella for five years and can definitely say each time it has been a great benefit. Where Bella differs from other insightful card readers is that when you are unable to understand what she is saying to you, she is able to go deeper to confirm and clarify. "

"Sybella is truly fantastic. Myself & my Mum have been seeing her yearly for many years now. She has said things about my life/passed family members that only I would know. Please do book in with her as she will give you so much reassurance. In addition, she is also the loveliest person & so warming."

"Whilst I have always been spiritual and believed in the support of gifted souls Sybella was so accurate with where I am and where I am going, it was quite remarkable. I will definitely be using her services and advice again and cannot recommend her highly enough, you will not be disappointed if you ask for her support and advice in your own life."

Spiritual Life Coaching


Discover how Spiritual Life Coach, Sybella Loram, assists people from all over the globe.  Find out why you keep attracting the same narcissistic relationships. Why you attract the same unlucky circumstances? Do you hear voices? Perhaps you are psychic. Maybe you suffer from chronic depression. Sybella uses psychotherapy models within life coaching structures to guide you forward to your life purpose or Spiritual Awakening. Book now for an induction - 07925299995

Sybella's Blog


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